1.  Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme

2. AWARDS Grant of monitory Allowance attached to gallantry 


Ashok Chakra  Rs.1400 pm AC
Mahavir Chakra  Rs.100 pm MC
Kirti Chakra     Rs.1050 pm KC
Vir Chakra  Rs.850 pm VC
Shourya Chakra   Rs.750 pm SC
Paramvir Chakra Rs.1500 pm PVC

3. AWL Stop pay and re grant of pay from the date of rejoining.
Period of absence if regularised, pay restored on receipt of REGA DOII.

4. BCA 

4.1 Admitted on the basis of DOPt-II order for posting to

4.2 IDA stopped.

4.3 Leave period unto 60 days admitted in full provided the
Conditions given below are fulfilled.

(a) Certificate from the leave sanctioning authority the
individual is likely to report back to project located in 
Bhutan on expiry of leave.
(b) .The individual has to certify that he or his family
continues to stay in Bhutan during leave period. 

a. If both the condition (a&b) are fulfilled he will get 100%.
b. If certificate in (a) is given and not (b) he will get 50%.
c. If certificate (a) is not given, no BCA is admissible.
4.4 . .Basic pay as on 01.01.1996 is the basic for calculation
for slab deduction and remains unchanged.

4.5. .CEA is admissible at higher rate i.e.Rs.150 pm-BCEAH
when education is received in Bhutan.
Rs. 80/- when education is received in India-BCEAL 
certificate is required to be incorporated in DOII.


7.Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance:

 This allowance is admissible to employees posted at hill 
station situated at a height of 1000 metres or more above 
sea level. Certificate is to be incorporated in the DOII.

Rates of SC(HC)A


     Category Rate per month
For posts in grade pay of Rs  5400/ and above and pay scale of HAG + and above       Rs. 600/
For posts in grade pay of less than Rs. 5400/ Rs. 480/

 Not admissible when the employee is in receipt of BCA.

8 .FPA 

12.MYCA Admissible to those who are posted to 760 BTF under project Sewak in Myanmar. All other conditions as 
applicable for grant of BCA.

13.SCRLA This allowance is granted to employees serving in specified remote localities.
Rates of  Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) allowance  

             Category               Part A (Rs. p.m)        Part B (Rs. p.m.)  Part C (Rs. p.m.)   Part D (Rs. p.m)


For posts in the

grade pay of Rs.5400

and above and pay scale

 of HAG+and above.           2600                    2100                  1500                                  400


For posts in the grade

Pay less than Rs.5400.        2000                   1600                  1200                        320




14.SIACHN Admissible to GREF Officers deployed in Siachin Area. 

  Category                               Rate

  GREF Officers                       Rs.2500/-

   GREF Personnel                Rs.1500/-

A) Payable to GREF officers and personnel deployed in Nubra 
Valley from KM 30 onward pm Sasoma-Warshi Snout Rd
towards base camp KM14 onward on Sasoma-Sasrla Rd
Sasrela,Rama Rewari Rd, Chalunka Gulab Rd in Siachin 

B) Admissible from the date he arrives in Siachin area
And ceased with effect from the date following the day on which he
Leaves the Siachin area except in circumstances in 
Para © below.

C) An individual who is absent from the Siachin area for a 
maximum period of 14 days due to being placed on the sick
list and/or being on casual leave and/or on being on ty duty 
shall continue to receive the Siachin allowance provided he 
returns to the Siachin area.

D) Obtaining insurance cover is not necessary.

E)Payable/Admissible in addition to SCA & all other 
allowances applicable in the area.

5.Snow clearance allowance is also admissible to those 
GREF personnel who are actually engaged in snow clearance operations in addition to Siachin Allowance.

15. SDA Payable wef 01.09.2008

1.Admissible on posting to any station in the North-
East-Region viz Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur,
Nagaland, Sikkim & Tripura.

2.Rate- 12 .5 % of Basic Pay. + NPA & this will be in addition to 
Special pay and/or Deputation (Duty) Allowance
if any drawn.

3.SCRLA, Construction allowance Project allowance can 
be drawn separately.

4.ST Officers exempted from payment of IT are also eligible 
for SDA.

5. Not admissible during leave/training beyond 15 days 
at a time and beyond 30 days in a year during suspension/ joining time.

6.SDA –not treated as pay for any purpose.

16.ISDA Admissible on there posting to Andaman & Nicobar Isands 
and the Lakshadweep. Rate: 12.5% in Port Blair, 20 % in Difficult Areas and 25 % in More Difficult Areas.